was built to archive videos related to riots and civil unrest since May 2020.
created by @pine_tree_riots

This is more of a project to learn some new stuff (CDNs and Javascript) so it's probably not perfect. What inspires me is teaching African refugees how to program Javascript, I want to get to that goal ASAP.

Got some help with the javascript/cdn stuff from Nate and this indian guy on youtube. thanks to them.

This is built off an archive saved by @unrealdeveloper + RiotArchives2020 on bitchute, more info here-

If there's bugs you find (there almost surely is) or something else feel free to @/dm me on twitter -

I'll totally address the bug if I can fix it, if I can't fix it I'll ignore your DM and pretend I never saw it

Everything on here is fair use. I do not claim any ownership of these videos, they are being shared in a "criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research" capacity (in accordance with fair use doctrine)

Dates on the videos aren't 100%, they're either when the video was shared by an aggregator or a best guess

Some videos will appear twice or more as they were shared by multiple aggregators (I tried to address this with imagehashes/length/size but aired on the side of not deleting videos)

Some things I might add

-tagging (ie arson, shooting, looting, etc) for filtering (this would be a huge amount of work on my end to tag the videos)
-add some sort of submission ability? not sure how to do this with static hosting right now. currently just @/dm me on twitter?